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tv   [untitled]    June 14, 2012 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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france will ask the u.n. to open up syria's skies for western bombers and another broadside on assad's regime but al-qaeda is number two endorses the rebellion. a sinister walk in the woods with an infuriated general opposition journalist claims that led to a showdown russia's top investigator over an article accusing him of my feelings. and egyptian relief over the end of thirty year emergency rule a short lived as authorities again allow the army to detain civilians at the presidential election run up as a country's women fear the worst. news
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a much more twenty four seven this is r.t. france could ask the united nations to allow a no fly zone over syria the country's foreign minister also says he hopes the u.n. will authorize the use of force in order to bring about peace and within syria the rebels have received the blessing of al qaeda second in command of video. leave me the u.s. says was killed in a pakistan drone strike on islam missed worldwide to go to syria and join the uprising against president asset as well for national reports it's further evidence that extremists might be taking advantage of the country's civil war. this video is a clear indicator that in the conflict here in serial kind global terrorist organization is taken solid and supporting those who are fighting against president bashar al assad and their eggs tending their presence in the country it's not the first message of its kind earlier in february we heard al qaeda is leader calling on all muslims to support the syrian rebels president assad has been blaming
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militant groups and international terrorists for violence of his country since the beginning of the uprising here in syria last march but it took a year for the international community to start admitting that to its only last tuesday that british foreign secretary william hague has also acknowledged that groups affiliated with al qaida were operating in syria all visibly on the side of the rebels and fuel in the conflict and violence here in the country we've also been hearing a lot and many times from u.n. members and from. members that they are ready to provide the rebels with all kinds of support with everything they need be it money or weapons this news has come at the time of the increase in violence all over syria and dramatic escalation of the events and u.n. has expressed its concern over what's going on here in the country and banki moon has called on old countries with influence on both rebels of the syrian government
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to call on all parties to lay down arms and to pull back as he put it from the brink. well robert naiman from the american campaign group just foreign policy believes there's a contradiction between u.s. support for the rebels and its recognition of fighting among them they already know that the and even according to the u.s. . there are concerns for example. like groups in iraq. syria. are likely believed by the u.s. to be behind some of the spectacular bombings and curious attacks in syria on the one hand you have the u.s. saying that they are concerned about the armed opposition and their links to. on the other hand you have u.s. providing so-called non-lethal aid to the armed opposition and be sickly giving
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apparently a green light to other countries to arm the opposition so yes there is a contradiction in policy. but american secretary of state hillary clinton has sparked a war of words with her russian counterpart sergey lavrov after accusing moscow of selling attack helicopters to president assad something not even the pentagon seems to know anything about this account and often has more on the diplomats foreign exchange. while the top top u.n. official may have labeled the syrian conflict a full fledged civil war according to the u.s. secretary of state russia could actually be to blame for the escalating crisis secretary of state hillary clinton to raise some eyebrows and stirred some diplomatic controversy on tuesday when she insisted that russian attack helicopters were on their way to syria take a look we have confronted the russians about stopping their continued arms shipments to to syria and we are concerned about the latest information we have
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that there are attack helicopters on the way from russia to syria now washington seem to be caught off guard by a secretary of state hillary clinton's remarks in which stumped even the pentagon's own spokesman can you provide any details as to what kind of helicopters where they live or how are they being delivered. i have not seen reporting that indicates. that the russians are providing attack helicopters to the syrians i have just not seen that now while washington was left to sort out its confusion over the comments russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov was very clear in his denial of those allegations that yes we are currently fulfilling a preexisting signed and paid for contracts for one of these contracts are related to defense only and exclusively we do not export to syria or anywhere else for anything that could be used against peaceful demonstrators because you believe
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that's markedly different to the united states which regularly ships such weapons to the region just recently one such shipment arrived in a certain persian gulf state for some reason the u.s. considers this normal and we knew it was now russian attack helicopters are in hot demand right now that's because the u.s. pentagon spends millions to buy russian made seventeen's on behalf of the afghan air force. we're keeping a sensitive secret seems to be tough for washington mandarins as we report later this hour there's a backlash for president obama's inner circle claims of training national security for political gain one hundred leaks of classified data. sets and drugs in honor and financial desperation sends increasing numbers into addiction and the government is slowly pulling funds from rehab. the trouble is brewing between a russian opposition newspaper the country's top criminal investigator he reportedly threatened one of the paper's leading reporters and knowledgeable and
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legend that he took part in a criminal conspiracy with a high profile gang let's get more on this now from our peter all of iraq. the via newspapers is well known for its criticism of the russian government so what's it trying to reveal now. well the heads of no because yet it to me too you. wrote in a editorial piece saying that one of his journalist surrogates so-called had been taken to the woods in moscow and threatened on the orders of the chairman of the investigative committee alexander is that i can now this all stems from opinion piece that was written by third which he made a series of very serious allegations against the strike and now following that there was a confrontation in southern russia between the two of them after that confrontation sokolove issued a formal apology now the journalist is currently outside of russia and his editor
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says that circle of safety is all the newspaper care about and they are on to any kind of witch hunt against the investigative committee or its chairman. we might have certain proof but you've got to understand we want our journalists safety to be assured destruction to be fired that's why my letter isn't confrontational that's why it doesn't contain all the things the side call. other than this letter we say you have threatened the life of our employees it may well be because of emotions due to stress but we didn't get a proper explanation and face to face meeting that's why we laid publishing this letter for so long we wanted to settle this thing peacefully in a human way obviously we're also prone to emotions things happen all over we apologized for that if circle of his able to come home with safety guarantees from colonel general bus three can we're happy with that i don't fight for anything else not some kind of public benefit but if the response to my letter doesn't come
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within the deadline specified by law we can process no response charges. well the editorial prompted protests by journalists outside the headquarters of the investigative committee and the journalist union here in russia has said that they are giving their full backing to the the journalist and paper concerned no matter what the outcome of these allegations as it stands no formal charges have been brought against the investigative committee or alexander steichen nor has there been any official statements concerning these allegations but investigative committee was set up in two thousand and eleven by then president dmitri medvedev to work in a similar way in which the the f.b.i. works in the united states the group that the organization investigative committee reports directly to the president of russia. paper all of that thanks for that.
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right r.t. dot com we've got the world at your fingertips here's what some are online videos today and the beautiful game turns into another event as russian fans that you are twenty twelve and also my polish pollutants. person most americans agree that the best way to their top priorities is direct democratic vote they want a texan city it seems to throw the dice is enough. egypt could be starting back into emergency rule after the government restored rights to the army to detain civilians the muslim brotherhood is warning that the move will allow the military a tighter grip on control even after this weekend's runoff presidential election one group fairs is the most domination even more egypt's women believe it will send
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the country back to the dark ages it's pointed to reports. she's young and ambitious and planning to become egypt's next president but she needs to wait ten years until she turned forty so she can run not for the sake of you know winnings a seat or so but for the sake of proving that egyptian women can deal with but they're not doing it at the moment this woman trying to run for president this time around and couldn't even get the fifty thousand signatures to qualify our it wilson is for the equality for the freedom for the dignity and when this value those values when s.x.s. we can see a woman president but with radical islam on the rise and the muslim brotherhood candidate making it to the presidential runoff the fact that women played an important role in the demonstrations that brought down mubarak doesn't mean much the number of women in the egyptian parliament has fallen from twelve percent before the revolution to just two percent now and that's despite the fact that some
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fifty one percent of egypt is female noticeably absent from the presidential election campaign trails was the issue of women rights and women equality leaving many egyptian women to fear that in the post mubarak period their lives will get worse afaf crème has been trying for five years to divorce her husband but divorce is tough to achieve and with an islamic influence it will only get tougher i don't want to go wherever the i don't mind giving up all my financial rights even the money left to me by my father who recently died my husband doesn't give me any money and he treats me barry badly. after a brutal cream is hoping the courts rule in her favor even if that means she'll be out on the street with nothing but she wants the judge to decide soon before hardcore islamised get into power and human rights activists like dr side i bring him are worried the future. over in the country. to the role of women.
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the full equality of women. under my there. is the handler's in the road to progress to full development and so why delhi and might be inspiring her generation and she's received awards from around the globe for her fearlessness in tweeting and blogging about the revolution more people are asking if it's possible that the revolution that was supposed to liberate its people might just land up in slaving at least a part of it policy r.t. cairo. egypt is about to decide who will have the state's top job but still lacks a constitution and next hour here in our team we hear from an expert on how that's affecting the path to democracy. we were told no no just say we are going to solve the problem with the presidential election that's not going to happen and look at what is happening now so we have even people saying we have to stop the whole the
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process because even the fact that we have someone who is representing the all regime. how come then be still be here where they were saying that we need to put in the constitution that the people who are from the old regime cannot present themselves for the next ten years but you cannot come with this because it's not in the constitution and constitution is going to be written after the election it's a mess it's not there is no transparency and how can you speak about the margaret procedures if there is not transparency in the way it's put. project tina is the president cristina fernandez de kirchner will lay out her country's claim to the foreign audience of a u.n. meeting in new york this thursday it takes place thirty years to the day after the war over the british territory and it decades on speeches by down on him to hold a referendum next year decide the future tina says the british illegally occupied
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the falklands which calls and almost two hundred years ago nine hundred people died in one thousand nine hundred conflict now and in the same being forgotten the high level posturing political analyst martina corley says it's the lucrative oil reserves off the falklands coast that's fueling the dispute it's if you like a signal. that the focus of the argentinians call them last move in this part of britain and don't wish to become a province of argentina if you look at the language which is coming from what is are the argentinian government is using very very strong language some people might say threats about security of the falkland islands the falklands have been claimed by britain france and even the dutch and the i.g. to claim. a very thin one but argentina is concerned about structure
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it's been so. under the water that. you do your job discovered. you know it is possible to extend right through to the falklands. british companies. prospecting for around the falklands so if they find. strategically and economically very very important and. of course very very wealthy . well in the u.s. several classified documents revealing the obama administration's achievements in battling terrorism have recently been leaked to the american media is what the white house in the firing line for jeopardizing national security the sake of the president's political gain one former foreign service officer at the state department believes america could pay a very high price for leaks. leaking information that baber of you is not unique to obama i think what's unique your two things first the secrecy of these infor of
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this information the stuxnet worm the things that are going on in iran that's the raid that killed bin a lot of information came out in those instances that was beyond top secret and was known to bury people that's something new coupled with a rush of persecution of whistleblowers his use of the espionage act that's the other side of this story and that's the other thing that's unique in this case obama's ratings go up he watches the polls very carefully they put out this information that he practically does these things himself with his bloody hands and its popularity goes up this is about a president who believes that he will determine is right or wrong he alone can decide what information may damage united states and what information he needs to brag about his old purposes just as he alone apparently decides who lives and who dies under america's drones. and other u.s. drone strike has hit pakistan up to four minutes since have reportedly been killed
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in the northwest and they to strike security officials have said in turn fired two missiles at a vehicle ten days ago an air strike in the same region which is seen as a taliban stronghold left fifteen al qaeda terrorist state including a senior figure. yemen's government says it's working to seize a third town from al qaida after days of airstrikes and clashes in the country south but it's took control of some of the areas a year ago and the army has successfully retaken summit strongholds seventeen al qaeda members were killed in the latest phase of the operation to seen as a major success for yemen's president. hundreds of firefighters are battling a massive wildfire in northern colorado and that's the death of a sixty two year old woman a hot dry weather and changing winds hampering their efforts and scores of people evacuated from the area thousands of homes are still threatened and emergency crews are expected to be fighting the place for weeks to come. times are tough in ireland
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and for increasing numbers of people in dublin that means a descent into addiction drug abuse centers in the city say they're seeing more addicks coming through their doors but as laura smith reports the cash strapped government is not so keen to pay for their rehab. it's a tale of two cities a happy go lucky dublin where locals and tourists shop drink and make mary rubbing shoulders with a seedy underbelly telamon blocks where the poor struggle to make ends meet and drug workers estimate one person in sixty takes heroin twenty gagan runs a needle exchange and rehab program where he sees marginalized people who take a cocktail of drugs leading often to crime and recessions making it worst he's seeing eleven new people a week. when people have less disposable income and can't find work or can't find no. more recourse. you
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know. takes off on people. between drugs and crime and knoll not his real name is recovering from years of drug addiction his is a story of economic privation and boredom leading to drugs and the breakdown of relationships with family friends and community when. two sisters are. over the. last to. know did everything except heroin finding his brother dead from an overdose as a teenager saw to that he's in a four month rehab program partly funded at least for now by the state work isn't getting any easier for the people who run vital drug programs in joplin senses needle exchanges seventeen week residential course it's none of that is cheap to
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run and despite increasing numbers of addicts desperate to get a drug rehab center to seeing their government funding for every year state drug program contributions are being slashed by ten percent a year and for them. varies drop in center for the homeless waiting lists a growing from a few days to weeks or months he says addicts need immediate attention something they're less and less likely to get to become tomorrow's to say no point in even trying i'm never going to do it so having access to treatment programs to my mind is vital if in this fight against drugs. programs in ireland or hopelessly inadequate and as the recession points even harder they won't get any better with disastrous consequences for addicts for communities and for society laura smith r.t. . that story now that katie on the business desk say more pain for spain and even
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cyprus now we understand yeah that's right carrie moody's has slashed its rating on spec by three notches that was on wednesday leaving it just one note above that junk status level now the rating agency says the new e.u. plan where the hundred billion euro says joe up the spanish banks would increase the country's debt burden last the reasoning behind it and it's not yet the bottom spain's racing to dive deeper and that's as concerns are mounting the economy has trouble raising cash on the international debt markets now moody's has also cut its rating on cyprus as you say by two notches citing the brics it risks and fiscal problems in that country or are they see how the asian markets are responding to those downgrades and in the session they're alive and kicking today we got the nikkei down just a notch just now on the high sign a half a percent in negative territory now they're also reacting to credit suisse reducing
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the outlook for china i want the biggest headline is today is the spirit most of it sells they get from europe and they plunged to eleven percent the biggest bull in fifteen years on the close. well we've got some red daggers to look at the softer retail sales domestically really failed to impress the overriding theme of course is indeed europe we had industrial figures come out yesterday for the whole region declining germany leading the way there we had an italian bond auction as well that's still boring close and stay we've got another one lined up as well as up the head of the agenda dow jones six tenths of percent seven tenths of percent down for the nasdaq all right in the bearish mood towards a common currency can change but it is rising have a slightly that can be put down to the weak economic data coming out of the u.s. but a caution that remains we've got one twenty five eighty to the ruble moving again
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in less than an hour's time when the russian markets open up for business so let's see how they close up yesterday we had oil declining to an eight month low but we still have some gains on the russian market so much because investors here return to their deaths of the public holidays they're playing catch up comments from the deputy prime minister of how they talk of it as saying about the tax burden saying that they're going to try and alleviate these somewhat on some of the companies because of all the political term all of the sovereign debt crisis going on in the euro zone fact you know spoiled prices although gas probably won't be exempt from them because it's largely believed that they're on the taxed or let's say the oil price and then shall wait you'll see that the prices they are low and they're declining sixteen percent now that's on the economic details from the eurozone and i keep saying it but it does really affect bringing about everything right now we've also got as well meeting today that can we talk about the questions for the
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rest of the how much production they're going to improve so as you say they are going to make the prices that's what i'm talking about they remain. like all right then i'll be back in about fifteen minutes and kerry for the figures for the russian market ok thanks again for that update. on our coming up next president and what the future holds for debt ridden europe for us to recap of our top stories.
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company man was to feel compelled to give me and when they go out there he's got weapons. and you have to hope that nothing bad can. employ. or chasing killers and you gotta keep that in mind others the two million dollar bill for his arrest. but not super hero we can be told to you know to shoot me in the head i'm going to die. once you a hundred minute i'll never go back on anything else.
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